No compromise.

Zero Friction Enterprise Web3 Infrastructure

Built for Humans.

Comprehensive infrastructure for the best Web3 User Experience, Security on the planet for your end-users, and engineering teams. From the world class team behind Diem (Meta's Blockchain), Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.

World's safest hardware wallets. On the cloud.

No seed-phrases. No passwords. No 3rd party custody risk. Just specialized FIPS 140-2 validated custom cryptographic silicon, and the world’s most advanced security architecture that surpasses individual hardware wallets in putting people and enterprises in safe, unlosable, and exclusive control of their Coins, NFTs, and Smart Contracts, without the risk of losing their wallets, or leaking any private keys or seed-phrases at any point.

500x higher conversions than the market leader

Your end-users can collect and truly own digital assets wherever they are, in-app or on web, on any device, without a single new key stroke or tap, without installing or downloading new software - No sign up or sign in friction; No seed phrases; No remembering of private keys.

Our customers have reported up to a 500x  higher conversion rate employing Big Wallet® compared to the market leading wallet solutions, which compromise on one or both of User Experience, and Security.

MetaKeep is multi-patented in the US and Internationally.

Fully compliant, from Day 0. Insured, for peace of mind.

Founded by Microsoft, Google, and Meta veterans, MetaKeep is fully regulated from Day 0, as a non-custodial wallet, and infrastructure, compliant with all applicable laws. Insurance and Underwriting services are available starting in 2023 to eligible customers, provided by partner financial institutions.

Run your NFT programs, and Smart Contracts like Big Tech

MetaKeep's Lambda® is the only managed NFT, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contract middleware that lets your end-users use your Web3 app without paying gas fee, and without complicated UI. We empower your engineering to truly own your assets and contracts with 99.999% reliability and AI powered 24/7 ops backed by triple redundancy over Alchemy, Infura, and QuickNode.

MetaKeep Lambda utilizes cutting-edge formal verification and static analysis techniques, combined with advanced AI algorithms, to perform unparalleled code analysis. Our signature multi-pronged approach provides the most comprehensive code scrutiny using mathematical proofs, pattern detection, and machine learning. Coming Q4

A powerful tool for everyday using.


Global users

Scale your workload without waiting for the engineering team.


Positive reviews

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Regular users

Scale your workload without waiting for the engineering team.


Team members

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Save months of development time with MetaKeep Web3 Enterprise Infrastructure.

Fully managed smart contract infra.

You only write the contract, We handle gas fees, retrying stuck transactions, handling blockchain outages, code auditing and several other blockchain pain points...

Non-custodial cloud hardware wallets for you and your users

Zero friction, zero onboading, multi-patented non-custodial wallets

Build your NFT infra in a day. Give custom rewards to users

Get started with NFT/Coin APIs with support for NFT renting, soul bound tokens, gas-less transactions,

Our customers love us!

Today I need to have extra time after work  to analyze all company’s reports again. I’m tired 😩

- Ian, WithOthers

Oh, shoot! Listen, try SimPlay. I'm sure that you'll forget about this problem at all.

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OMG! Thanks 🔥
Why I haven't try it earlier?

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Frequently asked questions!

Who pays gas fee?

We pay gas fees for you and your users and bill you end of the month in USD.

We estimate gas fee based on AI and statistical models so you don't overpay.

Who owns the wallet and assets?

Wallets and assets are owned by users and users alone.

Which chains are supported?

We support all EVM chains (starting with Polygon,  Binance) and Solana. Flow and NEAR support is coming soon.

What is your pricing model?

Please get in touch with us to discuss prices.

Is there a limit on transactions?

No, our infrastructure scales indefinitely. We are only constrained by the scaling limits of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

How do I create a MetaKeep account?

Please get in touch with us to get access.

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